More and More Successful Young Czech Women Addicted to Alcohol

women drinking

“Some of the women I treat [many of them already lower level managers] are only 25 years old or so,” a private local therapist Renáta Schubertová told Czech daily Mladá fronta Dnes, and Petr Popov, head of the Addictions Cure department at Prague’s Vseobecná fakultní nemocnice hospital, agrees: “Their age is indeed going down, in the past, the youngest were between 30 and 40.”

Schubertová names commercials as one of the reasons behind the rising number of young females dependent on drinking. “The thing is that the ads often combine alcohol and the subsequent feeling of ease with success,” she points out.

The therapist is surprised at how low her young patients think of themselves, being convinced they are ugly, fat and in general no good. The problem of these women, she believes, is in many cases that they are not doing what they would like to, succumbing to the wishes of their parents instead.

Schubertová on the other hand sees one positive factor as far as female alcoholics are concerned – they are more than their older counterparts willing to undergo counselling.

Wine Most Popular Alcohol Among Czech Women

The exact number of young female alcoholics in this Central European country is unknown but almost ten percent of its women in general, according to a survey conducted by Ladislav Czémy from Prague Psychiatric Centre, have such problems. More and more have recently started to frequent bars and pubs but most still drink secretly, in other words at their homes.

The type of drink these females most often consume is wine but more and more popular has in recent years also become beer. Czech Republic has in fact the highest overall (men and women) per capita consumption of beer in the world, around 160 litres a year, and local experts consider as one of the reasons that alcohol here is not very highly taxed so this beverage from hops and malt is often less expensive than the usual soft drinks.

Many Czech females also become addicted to alcohol because they have no partner – or do but the relation is a highly unsatisfactory one.

Renáta Schubertová (48), who worked for ten years with women who drink too much at Prague’s Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital, had herself at one time been addicted as well. In the past 20 years, however, she has not consumed a drop of either beer and wine or any kind of spirits.