Pornography Addiction and Recovery: Abstain From Pornography

pornography addiction

Pornography addiction recovery is indeed very important, because pornography is now posing a threat to many people. During the early part of the 20th century, a person had to secretly look to buy adult videos, and such an individual was often frowned upon.

Today, pornography literally looks for the people. Innovational technologies such as television and the internet are catalysts for pornography. Pornography literally saturates the internet nowadays, and everyone can easily be exposed to it.

Many children are often bombarded by illicit pornographic pop-ups when researching essays or doing homework online. Pornographic sites are becoming so prevalent that anyone can easily gain access to them. Many people are now addicted to pornography, and are seeking help.

How the Addiction Begins

The majority of people who are addicted to pornography were exposed to it at a very young age—usually between eight to 14 years old. At this age, the brain is not fully accustomed to sexual desires yet. As a result, the illicit images of pornography are tattooed into the brain.

During the first glance and experience of pornography, the person may get a strong feeling of arousal, and satisfaction. It is somewhat similar to how drugs work: the feeling and satisfaction are often very great during the first time. Eventually, the individual starts developing tolerance,which means that they need more of the pornographic content to get that same feeling again.

Now the person will start going through a cycle of watching pornography. The person will often seek out opportune times to watch it, usually when alone. This then becomes a habit, and then evolves into an addiction.

Eventually the addict will start to realize the negative effects of pornography: hurtful conscience, abnormal sexual urges, and the fear of being caught. Therefore the individual starts to look for ways to quit the addiction. Sadly, it is often too late when most people when start to look for addiction recovery, because the brain is now programmed to watch it.

The Effects of Pornography on the Brain

In order to quit pornography, it is essential to know about its effect on the brain. Pornography primarily the affects the limbic system part of the brain, which is basically the part of the brain that acts by instinct. The limbic system is that part of the brain that reacts by instinct, and enables humans to survive.

When people feel hungry, their mouths will start to secrete fluids to prepare for digestion. When people feel cold, their skin pores expands to absorb more heat, and the body shivers to generate heat through mechanical energy. All of these things are not voluntary; they are done by instinct alone. The limbic system of the brain looks for ways to survive various situations.

When the brain is programmed to watch pornography, the limbic system now thinks that pornography essential for the body. Therefore when the individual is tired, sad, and aroused, pornography immediately comes into mind.