The Hangover: How to Cure That Morning After Feeling!

get rid of hangover

Nothing say’s a good night out like the resulting hangover the next morning. Furthermore, everyone has been there. If being drunk can make the night, the hangover the ensuing morning can break the next day, and often, it can seem like there is no cure for the throbbing headaches, the boozy breath, the sickening nausea.

Responses to that Morning After Feeling

Obviously the level of the hangover depends just what was consumed the night before, but it is safe to say everyone responds to them differently. Some people find themselves crippled the morning after, unable to leave the bed/sofa/floor – wherever it was they dropped at the end of the night. Others will ‘man-up’ and power on through with their day, pushing the hangover to the backs of their minds and suffering in silence. Others still find their hangovers nothing but a mild irritation, and can happily go about their day uninterrupted, when by all rights they should be tucked up tight in bed. Everyone responds to that morning after feeling differently.

How to Cure the Hangover – Food and Drink

I will not go into lengthy detail explaining the cause of hangovers, as nobody is here to read about that. It is how to cure that morning after feeling that is the focus of this article. As differently as everybody responds to their hangovers, they also have their own methods of dealing with them. Some of these are tried and tested, others based on scientific knowledge, others revolve entirely around personal beliefs and preferences. Water, water, water, and plenty of it. Water intake replaces that lost during the night and encourages the healthy metabolism of cells. Essentially, water is a great healer, and should not be underestimated when an individual is hungover.

How others Find Drinking

Unfortunately, some people find drinking too much water too quickly the morning after encourages them to be sick. The water ‘bounces.’ This danger is one to be watched out for. Take small sips of water regularly to wash away that morning after feeling and help cure the hangover.Food is another potential cure for the hangover. Some people find they wake up with a hankering some greasy fry-ups, others prefer the solidity of bread and toast to soak up the alcohol inside them and help regain some feeling of normality. The morning after is as risky for food as it is for water, however, with the same potential threat of sickness. Therefore small breakfasts are advisable, because they will fill the individual up and feel satisfying without overloading an already vulnerable stomach.

Fresh Air

Fresh air can help cure a hangover by clearing the mind, and the physical exercise involved by taking this fresh air is also beneficial. Some people find it massively helpful to get out of bed, out of the house and get fresh air into their system. Of course, others would rather just stay in bed and sleep off the rest of their hangover!

If in Doubt of a Way to Cure that Hangover

Pain-relieving tablets will banish even the most persistent hangovers. Pop a couple with a glass of water and wait as the cure for your hangover gets into the system. Within no time at all, the individual will feel their headaches lessen enough that they can do something productive with their day, turning their morning after into a saved day!

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