How To Stay In Love With A Person Who’s Into Drugs

How to Keep Loving a Drug Addict

Angry, worry and confusion draw in each time you watch your partner get consumed by addiction and you repeatedly ask yourself, “how you can I continue loving someone who is destroying himself? How do I love a person you I barely know anymore?

While it is true that each person’s substance abuse story is different from all others, a general approach has seemed to remain effective in dealing with them– love. Thousands of testimonies from those who have been victims of substance abuse have proven that love and support from partners and families are the strongest motivations in overcoming the battle against self-destruction. The goal is to love them, and move them from detox and rehab to sober living.

If you are one of those who is finding it extremely difficult to continue loving and supporting your substance dependent loved one, here are helpful pointers on how to get through each day without giving up on that person:

Say No To  The  ‘Shame’ Game  

People who are into substance abuse or alcohol dependency are filled with shame. Despite their actions, they are actually ashamed of who they are and what they have done. Reminding them of the feeling of being a disappointment is not a  helpful move. Instead, it will draw them nearer to doing it more. Compassion is what they need, more than anything else. After all, it is possible to love and accept them even without the approval of what they do.

It Is Not Your Fault

Do not take the addiction personally. For a fact, they are not intentionally hurting you or blaming you for it. However, no matter how much you love each other, the love is not enough to stop the addiction. You just have to accept that you cannot cure or control it.

The cycle of addiction is dangerous and its effects on his health and well-being have made his view of matters different from yours. To help you understand him and what he is going through, you can read materials and watch films and documentaries about substance abuse. Learning about the physical, emotional, and psychological turmoil that they are going through will make you better understand his struggles. Performing an intervention, is not something that you should try on your own. Get professional assistance so that the experience is well received.

He Is Not A Bad Person, Just Sick

Many testimonies from people who have overcome substance abuse admitted that they were once verbally and physically abusive to the people they love. If you understand how mentally-challenged people are, individuals who are into substance abuse can be on the same level with them. Yes, addiction makes them mentally ill. Treating an addict like a sick person is humane and just, rather than avoiding and condemning them. Many people get addicted to drugs at a young age, so often it is all they know.

Be Filled With Hope  

Choose to be your loved one’s source of help and hope as he is losing his life and every ounce of hope left of him. You can choose to say encouraging words like “I believe you can do this” and “You can get through this.” Your strength and willingness to provide the hope they need can help them start their life over.

Keep Lines of Communication Open

Open your communication lines with the person. Given the effect of the substance on them, they will formulate wrong impressions if you do silent treatment and will almost instantly feel abandoned and rejected. Speaking with them is a constant reminder that you are there for them.

When all the substance abuse battle is over and gone, all of you will realize that it has been an opportunity for growth and change that everyone was willing to go through.

Alprazolam (Xanax) Rehab and Detox

Alprazolam, commonly known as Xanax is a medicated drug that is used in order to treat anxiety, panic disorders amongst other things. It is one of the most commonly used drugs for psychologists, and therefore comprise of prescription drugs. However, when people use Alprazolam for a long period of time, they end up developing an addition to this drug. It is at this moment that they need to get themselves to a rehab center so that they can control the physical addiction before it gets any worse.

Xanax is a very popular drug used to treat anxiety and panic disorders

Alprazolam happens to be a very fast acting sedative, and ends up controlling the central nervous system by releasing GABA in the bloodstream. This pleasant feeling is what most of the people look out for when thinking about using Alprazolam. It is this euphoria that people crave, and that happens to be the primary reason for the Alprazolam addiction.

Understanding Alprazolam addiction

When people develop a tolerance towards Alprazolam, they end up becoming dependent on this drug. Little by little, they increase the dosage, and after a period of time, they cannot do without popping a pill at any given time of the day. It is this increasing dependence that can cause physical problems in the patient, and upon reducing the dosage, it can also lead to withdrawal symptoms that can be fatal. Physical dependence on the use of Alprazolam leads to a lot of people crashing as well as snorting the tablets rather than simply ingesting it through the oral tract. It is this improper use of Alprazolam that has led to over 50,000 people getting admissions in the emergency room in the previous year in the United States alone.

Going for Alprazolam rehab and detox treatment

By the regulations of the United States government, Alprazolam rehab center is a purely private and confidential. Therefore, there would be no problems in terms of confidential reports reaching to the outside world unless the Justice Department becomes involved in the case. If you would like to break a grip from this addition of yours, it is important to get yourself admitted and the nearest treatment facility at the earliest opportunity.

The duration of the treatment for Alprazolam addiction is normally 30 days, but it is also dependent upon the severity of your addiction. So, you need to allow at least a week of detoxification before you can find yourself stabilized and slowly getting rid of Alprazolam dependency. The next three weeks would be filled with intense therapy sessions as well as counseling. There are also long-term programs for about 90 days that enables you to prevent any kind of relapse, while at the same time helps you to take care of your life. It enables you to understand new avoidance techniques like meditation and relaxation while pursuing holistic methods on your livelihood.

Alprazolam addiction treatment requires intensive care from medical personnel, and that is the primary reason why people should get themselves admitted to a treatment facility rather than an outpatient/home care facility.


Dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine) Rehab and Detox

Dextroamphetamine is prescription drugs that are used in order to suppress pain in the human body. However, excessive use of Dextroamphetamine leads to its addiction. The medication works in the central nervous system in order to produce an artificial high that is something which most of the addicts want. Overdose in relation to Dextroamphetamine addiction is pretty common, and the misuse of this drug can lead to potential fatalities. This is a drug that is normally seen in school as well as college situations, and is mostly found with teenagers.

This drug can suppress any kind of OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder, which can also include any form of socialization. The drug is also capable of making the behavior pretty worse in various people suffering from this disorder. The drug is also known as a stimulant in which people get an excessive amount of energy. This is basically caused due to the high which is received with the ingestion of this drug. However, since it is a short lasting drug, the effects wear off pretty easily. This is the reason why people end up popping the pills as they find the high to be pretty enticing.

Some of the symptoms associated with Dextroamphetamine addiction

  1. Difficulty in trying to fall asleep
  2. Constant migraines and headaches
  3. Leaving a sour taste in your mouth
  4. Constipation/diarrhea
  5. Sudden weight loss
  6. Changes in the sexual drive
  7. An abrupt loss of appetite

There are also a lot of serious side effects which is normally associated with Dextroamphetamine addiction.

  1. Shortness of breath
  2. Constant pains in the chest cavity
  3. Dizziness and weakness, particularly in the legs
  4. Abrupt mood changes
  5. Seizures
  6. Paranoia
  7. Hallucinations
  8. Excessive tiredness
  9. Blurred vision
  10. Hives
  11. Tourette’s syndrome

Whenever you come across a person expressing such symptoms, it is important that you intervene and take them to a detox center at the earliest.

Detox facilities for Dextroamphetamine addiction:

It must be first established if the drug addict would like to get proper recovery. If he/she consents, then they must participate in the detoxification drive. This will take a certain amount of days or a few months, depending upon the severity of the addiction. Moreover, there would be a lot of withdrawal symptoms that would be witnessed in the patient suffering from Dextroamphetamine addiction. It is then that the patient would need to be placed under anesthesia, which normally lasts about four hours.

Once proper detoxification has been completed, rehabilitation will need to be done to completely get rid of the impulse for using Dextroamphetamine. The patients would need to take part in various activities and also undergo education that helps them to understand the side effects and the consequences of using the drug. Prep talks as well as group discussions will need to be encouraged within the rehabilitation to ensure that there is no relapse of this patient. The point of the treatment is to ensure that the patient will be able to take on positive habits rather than get back to the drug addiction.